Paternity and Family DNA testing for legal, court admissible cases and non legal, for informational purposes only.

Pre-Employment DOT and NON DOT Drug testing, Alcohol Breathalyzer test and database background checks for business and corporations, in addition our company also provides Onsite collections at the employers location for random drug testing, post accident, reasonable, suspicion, please contact our office for more information.

Students drug testing required for pre-clinical rotations or pre-hiring internships. Our office work with several hospitals and colleges to provide to you the most accurate results.

Legal testing and court order, for family case, probation, pre trial release, via urinalysis, hair, nail, alcohol, ETG 80 hour Alcohol, Saliva.

Legal packages available
-Confidential Personal Drug testing for families and parents in need of support to follow results
after their loves ones after treatment or prior drug abuse issues.