Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Non DOT refers to any employer that is not under Federal regulation , and tan Employer that may request a drug test according to their policy, the drug test may apply situations under pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion post accident, or follow up after an incident.

Broward county DNA & Drug testing offers the convenience of Onsite testing at your location. Please call for more information at 954-522-8378 or email us at [email protected]

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Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Non DOT


How many drugs are usually tested on a NON DOT test?

A NON-DOT drug test can start with a 5 drug panel or be expanded to a 10-panel or more depending of the employer policy, some employers may also request from a different type of test not limited to:

-Urinalysis drug test Detection: 2-3 days Adulteration Level: easy
-Saliva or Oral drug test Detection: 1-3 days Adulteration Level: Difficult
-Hair drug test Detection: Up to 3 months Adulteration Level: Moderate
-Fingernail drug test Detection: Up to 6 months Adulteration Level: Difficult

What are the most common drugs tested on a NON DOT test?

-Phencyclidine (PCP)
-Why Is Drug Testing Policy Important?

Drug Testing Policies creates a long variety of benefits including work, productivity, lower insurance premiums, and most important a safe work environment for employees, clients and overall people. Broward County strongly recommends free drug place work policies that includes and not limited to the type of testing (Urinalysis, Saliva, Hair, Nail-/Only for NON DOT), direct donor observation if required, and most important the reason for the test, and the company position in regards positive results or test refusal by a donor.

-Can an Employer request direct observation on a Donor?

Yes, Employers can request direct observation, upon employee arrival our office will provide the donor with a disclosure of the request, Broward County DNA and Drug testing staff will complete the collection with the same gender to observe the donor, In the event of the refusal to direct observation our office will provide proof on report/letter to the employer of the donor’s refusal.

-What Dilution on Urinalysis means?

A urine specimen that has a higher concentration of water than that of a normal urine specimen. Dilution could cause by oral hydration of fluids and the specimen appearance appear to be clear than normal urine. Some type of medications and medical conditions can also produce dilute results However, it is also possible that donor’s can intentionally ingest large amounts of water to manipulate the detection of drugs in the specimen.

To request  more informations about these options  please contact us by E-mail [email protected] or by phone:

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Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Non DOT