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Criminal & Sexual Background Checks offers information from the court system in the U.S. available to the public, please fax request to 954-607-5872 a sample of the request is available on our main menu under contact & more/forms.


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Background Checks

Employment Background Checks /Criminal & Sexual Search 

Pre-Employment Background Check:

Pre-employment Background Checks, Data will provide available information from the U.S. Courts system, where information is allowed by law. Our Background Checks cover Criminal and Sexual Offenses.

Why is important to screen or request a background check a possible hire?

Background checks are essential for employees, some of the benefits are:
-Work Place safety for other employees and customer.
-Employment productivity.
-Provides information for company regulatory hiring procedures.
-Low Employee turn over.
-Avoids Legal Law suits involving theft and other type of crimes to the public while an employee is on duty.

What information is required to be provided to an employee prior to a Background Check?

Employers should provided the following information:
A written consent from the prospect employee to run the background check.
what are the basis for disqualification for the position in regards of the report.
The employer shall notify in a timely matter after the report arrived of final decision.

What information is available on a Background Check?

Mainly a background check requested by an Employer, will verify and identify the prospect employee name, DOB and possible listed addresses, along with important information collected from our database in regards of possible criminal records, including probation, prison time and sexual offenses if there is any available from traffic violations, misdemeanor and felony court cases.

What information should an employee consider before denying employment base on a criminal record?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued an provide guidance explaining how employers can screen and consider applicants who may have a criminal record and at the same time pose an unreasonable risk without engaging in discrimination. The Employer must consider:
-the nature and gravity of the criminal offense or conduct in regards of the crime.
-how much time has passed since the offense or sentence took place
-the nature of the job in relation with the crime.

According to Florida Statute, the law prohibits state and local agencies from denying someone over a person a license, permit, or certificate to engage in a particular profession or industry because of a criminal record and conviction, unless the conviction was for a felony or first-degree misdemeanor and is directly related to the type of work the person will do in that profession.

Does an arrests, dismissed, expunged cases will show on Background Check?

Arrest will possible show up on a background check, depending of the State, some laws prohibit certainly information available to the public, this regulations are created to avoid an employment decision to hire a potential employee, since an arrest is not a proof of guilt or an accusation of a crime committed.

Dismissed cases, will show on a background check, yet it is recommended for the employer to identify and understand the final court disposition of the case before making a final decision, many cases are disposed in the legal system with not enough proof of conviction and such information still available to the public.

Expunged cases, are intended to be sealed cases and convictions information should not be available on a background check, in many instances if the Expunged case was not file correctly the convictions may still show in a background check.

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