Dna Paternity Test

Legal and Non Legal Paternity DNA testing Services $189.00-$289.00

Broward County DNA & Drug Testing, offers the choice of 2 types of testing for Paternity DNA, Legal and Non Legal,  Both testing procedures follows the same level of testing a final results confidence, The Only difference is the purpose and reason of the requested test.

After and before normal business Hours & Weekends collections Services:

  • Weekdays before and after normal business hours Collections $30.00 extra
  • Weekends $50.00 extra
  • Holidays $75.00 extra

**After hour and weekends collections are subject to Collector's availability

Onsite Collection at your location available please contact our office 1-888-499-6393


What is the purpose of a Paternity Legal DNA Test?

Legal Paternity DNA are intended for cases involving the legal system and as well many type of legalities, some of the Legal testing may involved Birth Certificates, Inheritance, Family cases involving Child custody, Child support, Immigration cases, etc.

*For Immigration cases please contact directly our office at 954-522-8378 toll free: 1-888-499-6393 or via email at [email protected]for an exact quote, prices differ depending of the country.

When should I request a Non Legal Paternity DNA?

Non Legal Paternity DNA testing are only for informational purposes,  and for the parties to obtain a family  relationship answer. Non Legal Paternity DNA results cannot be use in the legal system.

What does the price cover on Legal and Non Legal Paternity DNA Testing?

The price covers 1 father and 1 child testing, additional participant price will be $120.00 extra for person.

How Accurate are Paternity DNA results?

DNA testing has become one of the most accurate ways to identify Paternity, DNA testing in most cases offers a 99.99% to prove relationship between an alleged father and a child as well  of 0% when relationship must be excluded between the parties.

What do I need to bring for my Paternity DNA appointment?

Legal Paternity DNA Testing carries an strict chain of custody is it required for participants to provide:

-For Participants over 18 YOA a Proof of identification such as: Divers License, Passport or any type recognized State issued ID.

-For Participants under 18 YOA is it recommended for the legal guardian or parent to bring if available a birth certificate, Court Order( if there is one), In addition the parent and legal guardian must sign a release and authorization form in our office for the minor testing.

*For Legal Paternity DNA a picture of all or each participant must be taken as part of the chain of custody.

Non Legal Paternity or for informational purposes only testing, no identification is required, yet it is recommended for parties who may want a report with all parties names listed to provide a birth certificate when available, and a copy of the parent on legal guardian State issued ID,  the Parent of guardian must sign a release and authorization form for the minor.

How Long does it take for Paternity DNA results to be reported?

Paternity DNA final result typically are deliver in between 2-6 business days.

Broward County DNA & Drug Testing also offers rush delivery results for an extra fee of $ 150.00. in addition to the cost of the test for next business day results.

Can Paternity DNA be establish without the father?

In many scenarios the absence of the alleged Father comes in play, in circumstances where the alleged father is missing or perhaps deceased, in this type of case Grandparent DNA test becomes a great tool to find paternity and relationship, other ways to find relationship DNA may involved Family DNA reconstruction, Another option to find human DNA is by testing  blood, tooth, bone and tissue samples. We are also proficient in extracting DNA from an assortment of physical items like tooth brushes, garments etc.

*extra fees may apply please contact our office at 954-522-8378 or via email at [email protected]

Can Paternity DNA be establish without the mother?

Yes, a large percentage of test is performed without the need of a collection from the mother, The child inherit an equal amount of DNA from the father and from the mother, A Paternity DNA without the mother will focus identifying DNA only from the Alleged father.

Can I collect my own samples to find Paternity DNA samples?

Yes, for Paternity DNA Testing Non Legal only,  our office offers the convenience of kits that can be delivery to tour address, along with specific instructions of how to make the collection and shipping instructions.

How can parties be tested in different cities?

Our office can setup appointments throughout our network and find the closest  location to you in the US territory. With our service parties samples can be collected in different cities with the peace of mind of professional facilities and staff.

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for any questions please contact directly our office at 954-522-8378 toll free: 1-888-499-6393 or via email at [email protected]