Dna GrandParent testing Legal and non Legal

Grandparent DNA Testing:

In many scenarios the absence of the alleged Father comes in play, in circumstances where the alleged father is missing or perhaps deceased, in this type of case Grandparent DNA test becomes a great tool to find paternity and relationship.

Broward County DNA & Drug Testing, offers the choice of 2 types of testing for Grandparent DNA, Legal and Non Legal,  Both testing procedures follows the same level of testing a final results confidence, The Only difference is the purpose and reason of the requested test.

Legal Grandparent DNA Test main purpose is for court issues involving legality sometimes and not limited to inheritance, trusts,  Estate planning, child support, parental rights and family court, court orders, child custody, etc.

Non Legal Grandparent DNA test, is only for informational purposes and cannot be use in  court related cases. If there is a possibility that the results will be needed for legal issues, We strongly recommend a Legal Grandparent DNA test.

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Broward County DNA & Drug Testing also offers rush delivery results for an extra fee of $ 150.00. in addition to the cost of the test for next business day results.

DNA Testing related with power of attorney and/or blood card starting at $799.

Office after and before normal business Hours & Weekends collections Services: 

  • Weekdays before and after normal business hours Collections. $30.00 extra
  • Weekends  $50.00
  • Holidays      $75.00

*After hour and weekends collections are subject to Collector's availability.

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Onsite Collections At Your Location! We can come to you!

Broward county DNA & Drug testing can provide collections services at your location or home,
in some cases the collection can be made at the clinic or hospital once the child is born, and
with proper approval by the facility. The test covers 2 participants. 

Fees as follow:

- Onsite FEE $100 + Testing price + Mileage

- Up to 1 Hour wait once collector arrives on location.

- Additional participants $120.00
- Additional $0.65 Per Mile from Fort Lauderdale office. 
- The test must be paid in advance of collection from electronically invoice and in the event of a donor NO
SHOW after 1 hour, collection fee will be non refundable.

For more information please Contact our office via e-mail [email protected] or call us toll free 1888-499-6393


What is the difference between the Legal Test and the informational only?

A legal test is court admissible. The identity of each individual tested is varified and the chain of custody is tracked. A third party performs the collection. Results are delivered within 3 to 5 business days. Informational or private test is for your own peace of mind and is not court admissible. An informational test can be collected by our professional collectors or even yourself with a home kit.

Can I use my testing results in court?

Only Legal test results can be used in court.

Are the results confidential?

Yes, results are only accessed through the communication channels indicated on the sample collection forms.

What will happen on my sample collection appointment?

Participants will fill out paperwork, pay for the test, a trained collector will take pictures in case of a LEGAL Test , identification documents, and collect the samples.

What should I bring to the appointment?

Participants are required to bring photo identification for adults and birth certificate, social security card, or immunization records for minors. They must be legal guardian of any minor being collected. If none of the documents are brought to the facility, it can still be done as for informational only, and your results would appear as anonymous.

What is the difference between a Legal and a Non Legal DNA Test?

Non Legal DNA test are only intended for informational purposes, Non legal cannot be used in court of for any type of legal issues, it's mostly used just to identify relationship. Legal DNA test are an important part of the Legal system, this type of test can be used on any legality such as Family Court Cases, Child Support, Inheritance, Immigration cases, etc, The test is required to have proof or chain of custody from the moment of collection and until the final results are delivery, pictures must be part of the file as well other proof of identification and signed disclosures. !Paternity DNA Legal and Non Legal have the same procedures of testing for accuracy.

Is there any difference between Buccal Swab & Blood Paternity and Family DNA final result?

Both methods of DNA collection will provide the same accurate final results, Buccal swabs are now days the most preferred way to collect a DNA specimen, specially with small young babies and kids, the process is quick and painless.

How can parties be tested in different cities?

Our office can setup appointments throughout our network and find the closest  location to you in the US territory. With our service parties samples can be collected in different cities with the peace of mind of professional facilities and staff.

What does 'Chain of custody mean'?

Chain of Custody is a legal document that tracks the sample from the time of collection to the time it is tested. Each person that comes in contact with the sample is documented to trace the sample.


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Dna GrandParent testing legal and non legal